American History Arts & Crafts


Technologies and fads change constantly. One thing, however, has remained the same–the need for self-expression through art. Striking a perfect balance between history and art education, these volumes introduce a third element of hands-on application through a number of engaging craft projects. Each book homes in on a specific time period in American history, spanning the Colonial era, both World Wars, the civil rights movement, and more to provide a thorough look at the way history influenced art and vice versa.

  • Crafts help students integrate textual information into physical representations
  • Step-by-step instructions for each project
  • Highlights key historic events and figures
  • Great for American history units, while also appealing to arts and crafts lovers


Library Set
ISBN: 9781477757277
© Year 2015
Reading Level: Grade 4 – 5
Interest Level: Grades 3 – 6
Size: 10″ X 8″ 32p
Language: English
Features: Detailed Table of Contents, Glossary, Index, Full-Color Photographs, Websites

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Learning About Colonial America with Arts & Crafts

Life in colonial America differed greatly depending on where you lived. Colonists in New England were often close to cities and centers of trade. Many colonists in South lived on or around plantations. Readers learn about these different ways of life as they make crafts influenced by different facets of colonial life, including candles and bonnets, all explained through step-by-step instructions. Readers discover facts about life in the colonies through accessible text, as well as informative sidebars and fact boxes. Historical images are included throughout to show readers what colonial America was like.

ISBN: 9781477758366
Written by Paul Challen

Learning About Native Americans with Arts & Crafts

Native American culture has been passed on for centuries through the arts and crafts of each group. The Ojibwe made dream catchers, and fringed tunics were made and worn by the Sioux. Readers learn to make various crafts inspired by different groups of Native Americans, and they learn important facts about Native American history along the way. Sidebars and fact boxes complement engaging main text, and historical images show the history of the cultures readers are exploring. Each crafting project is accompanied by detailed instructions and its own set of helpful, full-color photographs.

ISBN: 9781477758410
Written by Kira Freed

Learning About the Civil Rights Movement with Arts & Crafts

The history of the civil rights movement in America is filled with stories of challenges and courage. Readers discover the people and events that shaped the fight for equal rights for all Americans–regardless of their race. Informative text, sidebars, and fact boxes introduce readers to people like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The facts readers learn are made more accessible through historical photographs and several hands-on art projects. Readers learn to make their own civil rights posters and peace beads, along with other projects inspired by this time period.

ISBN: 9781477758571
Written by Kira Freed

Learning About the Civil War with Arts & Crafts

The Civil War was a difficult time in American history, as the North and South fought each other over slavery and other divisive issues. The history of this conflict is explained to readers through informative text, which is accompanied by photographs and other images from this time period. Fact boxes and sidebars provide readers with additional information about the Civil War and those who fought in it. These important facts are made more accessible to readers though hands-on arts and crafts projects. Readers follow detailed instructions to make their own Underground Railroad signal lanterns, army drums, and even quilts.

ISBN: 9781477758670
Written by Kira Freed

Learning About the Westward Expansion with Arts & Crafts

Readers learn how to make their own cowboy hats, gold nugget pouches, and woven baskets as they explore the history of the American West! These crafts and more are shown to readers through step-by-step instructions and helpful photographs of the process and the finished product. The included crafts are meant to enhance the lessons readers learn about the settlement of the West, including the history of Texas and the journeys taken on the Oregon Trail. Sidebars and fact boxes provide additional information, and historical images place readers in the middle of life on the frontier.

ISBN: 9781477758823
Written by Campbell Collison

Learning About World War I and World War II with Arts & Crafts

World War I and World War II both had a huge impact on the modern world. Readers explore the history of these wars in a very creative way–through making crafts inspired by these events in American history. Readers learn about different styles of warfare as they make their own periscopes, and they learn about the role the United States played in each conflict as they make their own war posters. These projects are accompanied by enlightening text, including helpful sidebars and fact boxes. Photographs from this period in history engage readers with each turn of the page.

ISBN: 9781477758878
Written by Paul Challen

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