Miracles of Medicine

Imagine getting stitches without an anesthetic to dull the pain or having to fight off polio, the disease that causes paralysis and sometimes death, because there is no vaccine for it. There was a time when anesthetics and vaccines didn’t exist. Life was a lot more painful and dangerous. While these two things have had nearly miraculous effects on medicine, other breakthroughs have also transformed and saved lives, such as artificial limbs and organ transplants. Still others, such as gene therapy, promise future miracles. This enlightening series guides readers through these innovations and more to provide a comprehensive yet comprehensible understanding of their far-reaching effects.

  • Each in-depth book is a unique blend of history, science, and health topics
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It’s hard to imagine not having an anesthetic at the dentist or during a major operation! This comprehensive volume begins with the history of anesthetics, including herbs used in ancient times. It details different kinds of anesthetics, how anesthetics work, when and where they’re used, and their complications and side effects. It concludes with some fascinating developments in anesthetics. Readers will gain an appreciation for this pain-reducing innovation, while learning more about the human body and medical technology, aided by instructive images and colorful photographs.

ISBN: 978-1-4824-6161-9
Written by Vic Kovacs




Antibiotics, the potent medicines that fight bacterial infections, can save lives. We take these “miracle” substances for granted, but they’ve truly transformed medicine as this accessible guide relates. The major discoveries of bacteria destroyers, including penicillin, are highlighted as well as their impact. Each impressive chapter explains the most important aspects of antibiotics, including their variety, how they’re given, their side effects, and their limitations. Also addressed, ripped from the headlines, is the current controversy surrounding vaccines. Information about antibiotic resistance, misuse, superbugs, and the future of antibiotics will make readers feel like medical professionals!

ISBN: 978-1-4824-6164-0
Written by Vic Kovacs



Artificial Limbs

Artificial limbs, or prosthetics, have been recorded in history as early as ancient Egypt. Innovations over the centuries mean that many who are missing or have lost a limb, whether through trauma, disease, or congenital condition, can be fitted with limbs that not only look authentic, but also effectuate the movements of human limbs. This wide-ranging work details the kinds of prostheses available today, how they’re made, how they work, the challenges that face those who use them, and exciting advances in prosthetic technology. Readers will marvel at these medical wonders as well as the people who fabricate and utilize them.

ISBN: 978-1-4824-6166-4
Written by Kira Freed



Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is a perennial hot-button issue in today’s news cycle. This relatively new and experimental field involves inserting genetically altered genes into cells to replace defective genes. It can treat genetic disorders or provide a specialized disease-fighting function. The multifaceted topics surrounding gene therapy—DNA, techniques, challenges, and risks—are presented in this clear, understandable text, so that readers can grasp the ramifications and ethical concerns of this incredible technology. While gene therapy is currently only being tested for the treatment of diseases that have no cures, genetic engineering for many ailments and conditions is a very real possibility of the near future.

ISBN: 978-1-4824-6168-8
Written by Vic Kovacs



Organ Transplants

Organ transplantation is a life-altering and life-saving medical breakthrough, one that more than 120,000 people in the United States are currently awaiting. This comprehensive volume is a fascinating guide to organ transplants, beginning with the first animal-to-human transplants and the innovations that led to the successful operations of today. Included is eye-opening information such as the physiological challenges that face those who receive and donate organs. Readers will also come to understand the organ donation process, an important aspect of deciding whether they will be organ donors in the future.

ISBN: 978-1-4824-6170-1
Written by Vic Kovacs




Some vaccines may be controversial today, but undoubtedly they have saved millions of lives since their introduction. Mass inoculations began with the polio vaccine in 1952 and since then have become a part of modern life. This important volume makes vaccine technology understandable, describing the different types, how they’re administered, and their side effects and limitations. Readers will feel well-informed as they come to comprehend key topics such as herd immunity, the anti-vaccination movement, and new developments in vaccine technology, including the diseases they may treat in the future and how they’re delivered.

ISBN: 978-1-4824-6172-5
Written by Vic Kovacs



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