Soccer Smarts

Each position on a soccer team is different. Readers learn the specific roles of each player on a soccer team through accessible main text and informative fact boxes. Each volume covers the basics of one position: defender, forward, midfielder, or goalkeeper. Readers discover the training that goes into learning and performing well at each position. Full-color photographs show soccer players in action, which creates an exciting and engaging reading experience. Skill is important in the game of soccer, but so are smarts, which readers will develop with each turn of the page.

  • High-interest topic appeals to even the most reluctant readers
  • Detailed diagrams and clearly labeled photographs allow readers to visualize the concepts they’re learning through the main text and see them in action



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Reading Level: Grade 3
Interest Level: Grades 3 – 6
Size: 8″× 10″ 32p
Features: Glossary, Index

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What Does a Defender Do?

Keepers cant keep the ball out of that large soccer net on their own. They need a strong group of defenders to play well and win as a team. This book takes readers through the formations successful soccer teams play and how defenders use their footy skills to stop the opponents strikers and midfielders from hitting the twine. Readers learn how teams work together to play strong defense, how to mark players in the box, and what things they should learn if they want to shine on the pitch just like the pros.

ISBN: 978-1508154440
Written by Paul Challen




What Does a Forward Do?

In soccer, the striker is always the star. These superstar forwards are responsible for the amazing goals and spectacular passes that make championship soccer squads. This book gives readers a look at what makes these footballing phenoms so special, discussing their skills and tactics in a fun and informational way. From nutmegging the defender to perfect curling shots into the top corner, this book wows readers ready to lace up the cleats and become soccer superstars themselves. It also teaches young strikers how to work with others to pass around and beat defenders and goalkeepers while having fun as a team.

ISBN: 978-1508154457
Written by Paul Challen



What Does a Goalkeeper Do?

Defending a big net with just a pair of thick gloves is a hard task, but many keepers are able to go an entire game without giving up a goal. This book puts readers into the penalty area as keepers try to keep a clean sheet for their team. Just like the players on the pitch, readers will get examples of hands-on experience as keepers bat away curling volleys and pick the right side of the net to dive toward on penalty kicks. With expert analysis and insight, readers learn how keepers defend corner kicks and help the defense in front of them work together to fend off attacks.

ISBN:  978-1508154464
Written by Paul Challen


What Does a Midfielder Do?

Soccer is played on a big field. For midfielders, this means lots of running all over the pitch. A professional midfielder runs many miles over the course of a game, playing on offense and defense. This book takes readers onto the pitch, patrolling the midfield with the games best as they learn how to play one of the soccers most challenging positions. From battling for free balls in the air to settling passes and looking for open teammates, this book dribbles through defenders and scores with readers looking to learn new skills to help them dominate The Beautiful Game with their friends.

ISBN: 978-1508154471
Written by Paul Challen




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