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About Us

What we do ...

We bring together writers, photographers, artists, editors and other contributors to get your publishing project done … on time and on budget. No matter what the subject, audience or format, we’ll combine our extensive industry contacts with technological expertise to build the “virtual team” that will make your vision a reality.

We offer a one-stop source for project management, design, writing, editing, photo research, proofreading and production — in short, for every aspect of your publication.

Graphic Design ...

BlueAppleWorks Publishing is built on graphic design excellence. Our professional designers and illustrators handle all sorts of publications — from children’s books to academic texts, corporate publications and art books. We tailor our services to suit each project’s individual requirements.

BlueAppleWorks design department works with a large team of illustrators and photographers who quickly understand how to line up text with an illustration or photo that’s perfectly representative in look and tone. We work in every medium, allowing us to produce diverse graphic elements, from simple line drawings to dynamic photos, to complex and sophisticated illustrations.

Editorial Department ...

Our editorial professionals bring the highest level of expertise and dedication to all of BlueAppleWorks book packaging and publishing services. We work with our clients though each editing stage, ensuring our editorial work meets with client satisfaction every step of the way.

BlueAppleWorks copyeditors review each manuscript carefully, correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. In addition, we verify cross-references and impose industry standard style considerations.

Our production editors are dedicated to ensure that text, images and other graphics align seamlessly, resulting in a final product that’s clear, logical… and great to read and look at as well!

Writers and Consultants ...

You can’t have a good book without good writing – it’s that simple! BlueAppleWorks Publishing leverages decades of industry experience and contacts to find the author that’s perfect for your project’s subject and budget. No matter what the topic, we enlist writers who know it inside out, and who can produce engaging, easy-to-read copy. As well, we’re happy to work with authors that publishers supply, walking them through our high-quality editorial process.

As well, we’re committed to the highest standards of accuracy and authority in all of our books. That’s why we commission international and national-level experts to review manuscripts before they reach the production process, incorporating their comments, corrections and suggestions to produce “in the know” books on all subjects.

Featured Team Members

All of our team members are equally precious to us. It was not easy to choose the featured ones. So, we went with Austen Brody’s pick.

Paul Challen lives in Dundas, Ontario. He has written more than 50 books for young people and adults on a wide range of non-fiction topics including history, sports, popular culture and science. He has represented Canada internationally in cross-country running and is a part-time writing instructor at the University of Waterloo.


Featured Writer

Some 10 000 posters—the winning design by Tibor Choleva was chosen via APA sponsored contest—put audiobooks in the spotlight at libraries nationwide …
— US-Canada Poster Contest
BEA, Audiobook Month Events Set – Publishers Weekly



Featured Designer

Melissa McClellan – Creative Director and Managing Editor of BlueAppleWorks – is indispensable to our company’s success. With finesse, flexibility and unwavering calm, Melissa navigates the often turbulent waters of the creative and production process and leads our team in the direction of creating books that are among the best in our industry.

Featured Boss

Austen Brody is one of our most enthusiastic team members. He comes to work every day filled with joy, eager and willing. That even includes weekends and overtime hours when deadlines come calling. He loves our UPS guy, always hopeful to get to go for a drive in his big truck. Also, he likes our office cat. (a bit)


Featured Office Dog

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