Get-Into-It Guides 2

Get-Into-It Guides are designed to empower and encourage young people to explore their interests, develop passions, and build skills. This well-crafted, high-interest series includes a diverse selection of popular games, arts, and activities. Each title includes custom how-to photos and clear, step-by-step instructions to help readers learn essential skills and techniques. Highly-motivating challenges and projects allow readers to apply and refine their skills. Each title features intriguing fact boxes that highlight notable records and achievements, and learning more sections that encourage further self-directed learning.




© Year 2017
Reading Level: Grade 3 – 4
Interest Level: Grades 3 – 6
Size: 8 ½″× 10 ¾″ 32p
Features: Step-by-step Instructions, Glossary, Index

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Get into Claymation

Readers who love clay modeling and stop motion videos will enjoy this exciting book, which will inspire them to create claymation projects. From creating their own unique clay figures to taking projects to the digital screen, readers will like the engaging photographs and step-by-step instructions that show them the techniques and tools needed to design and create their visions in claymation!

ISBN: 9780778734000
Written by Kelly Spence



Get into Magic

From simple card tricks to awe-inspiring magical illusions, this book dives into the techniques and skills needed to become a magician. Clear instructions, photos, and special tips guide readers through mind-bending tricks and illusions that are sure to amaze family and friends! Fact boxes highlight innovative magic tricks and the magicians who achieved them, inspiring every reader to release their inner magic.

ISBN: 9780778734017 
Written by Vic Kovacs



Get into Mixed Media

If you like the idea of combining materials such as fabric, paint, ink and google eyes on a canvas, then mixed media is the art form for you! This awesome book guides young artists in creating works in mixed media, a visual art form in which artists can combine different types of techniques and media, or materials. Creative ideas and endless possibilities will allow readers to create projects that showcase their individuality. Clear photographs and step-by-step techniques guide readers along the way.

ISBN: 9780778734024
Written by Janice Dyer


Get into Smoothies

Making healthy food can be fun—and taste delicious! This unique and engaging book explores the possibilities of smoothie making, from inventing a one-of-a-kind creation to whipping up yummy dairy- or gluten-free options. Readers will learn the basics of smoothie making and some techniques to achieve different tastes and consistencies using many healthy ingredients.

ISBN: 9780778734031  
Written by Jaime Winters


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