Cultural Traditions in My World

Six more countries have been added to this intriguing series that takes young readers through an entire year of the holidays and traditions celebrated in different countries. Each book describes the public holidays, as well as the religious, family, and seasonal traditions of a particular country. The history, foods, and cultural celebrations for each tradition are explored. Colorful photographs highlight each book.

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Reading Level: Grade 2 – 3
Interest Level: Grades K – 3
Size: 8½″× 10¾″ 32p
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Cultural Traditions in Canada

Canada is a multicultural country. English and French are its two official languages, but Canadians come from many different cultures. This colorful book describes the different holidays and traditions in various parts of Canada and the ways in which Canadians celebrate family occasions.

ISBN: 9780778702979
Written by Molly Aloian

Cultural Traditions in France

The French calendar is filled with fêtes, or festivals, which are celebrated with tasty food, colorful decorations, wonderful music, and exciting games. This informative book looks at France’s major holidays and family celebrations.

ISBN: 9780778703020
Written by Lynn Peppas


Cultural Traditions in Israel

This fascinating book describes the holidays and traditions of Israel. Most national holidays celebrate events in the Jewish religion. Young readers will also learn which holidays are observed by the country’s many Muslims and how Israelis celebrate family occasions.

ISBN: 9780778703037
Written by Molly Aloian

Cultural Traditions in South Africa

South Africa is known as the “Rainbow Nation” because the people who live there have come from many different backgrounds. This fascinating book describes the holidays and family celebrations inspired by the many cultures of South Africa’s people.

ISBN: 9780778703044
Written by Molly Aloian

Cultural Traditions in the United Kingdom

Throughout history, the United Kingdom has been one of the most influential places in the world. Its culture and language have spread far and wide. This interesting book describes the holidays and traditions in the United Kingdom that celebrate important dates in history, religion, royal ceremonies, and changes in the seasons.

ISBN: 9780778703013
Written by Lynn Peppas

Cultural Traditions in the United States

Many holidays and festivals celebrated in the United States honor religious events and important dates or people in the country’s history. This interesting book shows how Americans celebrate holidays and family occasions, as well as the traditions of the cultures from which their families first came.

ISBN: 9780778703051
Written by Molly Aloian

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