The True History of the Wild West

The Wild West is an American era shrouded in myth and legend. Through engaging text and fun facts, this series exposes the truth about Wild West history. Each title clarifies the roles, struggles, and lifestyle of a certain group of people on the western frontier, such as cowboys, women, sheriffs, and outlaws. Readers will learn about important figures of the Wild West, as well as the legends and stories that grew out of that exciting time in history. This series is a great supplement for social studies curricula, and will appeal to the adventurous side of young readers everywhere!

  • Supplements social studies curricula, especially pertaining to western expansion
  • “Truth or Myth?” insets encourage deeper understanding of historical events and provide opportunities for critical thinking
  • Short biographies introduce readers to important figures in American history


Library Set
ISBN: 9781499407099
© Year 2016
Reading Level: Grade  5
Interest Level: Grades 4 – 6
Size: 9 X 6 32p
Language: English
Features: Detailed Table of Contents, For Further Information Section, Glossary, Sidebars, Fact Boxes, Index

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African Americans in the West

The Wild West became a place of new beginnings and great promise for many people, especially African Americans. As slavery and civil war ravaged the East, many African Americans attempted to start anew on the frontier. This book puts a spotlight on the trials and successes of African Americans in the West, and provides short biographies of famous African American cowboys, such as Nat Love and Bose Ikart. Readers will delight in the information-rich text and corresponding visuals. Fact boxes replace myths of the Wild West with their truths, while sidebars help deepen the reader’s understanding of the topic.

©  2016 ISBN: 9781499411935
Written by Rachel Stuckey

A Cowboy’s Life

Readers recognize the cowboy as a symbol of the Wild West, but this book illustrates what life was like for real cowboys. Readers will learn about the Spanish origins of cowboys, as well as the rise of America’s cattle industry. This book also describes cattle drives and the famous trails ridden by real cowboys. Vivid visuals are paired with engaging text to deliver an adventurous reading experience. This high-interest book is supplemented by sidebars and “Truth or Myth?” fact boxes to deepen the reader’s understanding of this iconic figure in the Wild West.

©  2016 ISBN: 9781499411904
Written by Vic Kovacs

Native Americans in the West

This book introduces readers to the first inhabitants of the Wild West–Native Americans. Readers will learn about their struggles over land and the historical and heartbreaking Trail of Tears. Through rich text and historic photographs, readers will learn about how life changed for Native Americans when white settlers started moving west. Engaging text explains important people and events, including the Great Sioux War of 1876 and Crazy Horse. “Truth or Myth?” fact boxes shed light on the real experiences of Native Americans while sidebars provide additional opportunities for readers to deepen their reading experience.

©  2016 ISBN: 9781499411959
Written by Vic Kovacs

Outlaws and Sheriffs

Readers will love this high-interest book that focuses on the real-life outlaws and sheriffs that lived in the Wild West. They’ll learn about the most notorious outlaws, including Jesse James and Billy the Kid, as well as famous lawmen and sheriffs, including Wild Bill Hickok and Wyatt Earp. Brilliant visuals accompany fascinating text to give readers a once-in-a-lifetime learning adventure. Sidebars will deepen readers’ understanding of the topic, while “Truth or Myth?” fact boxes shed light on the authentic cops and robbers of the American Wild West.

©  2016 ISBN: 9781499411973
Written by Vic Kovacs

Wagon Trains Heading West

This book captures the excitement and hardship of settlers heading to the Wild West on wagon trains. Readers will delight in learning about the caravans of wagons that made their way through unsettled and wild land to make it to a place of new beginnings. This book describes the ways people prepared for their journeys on wagon trains, as well as what life was like on the trail. Brilliant visuals illustrate the book to bring this Wild West adventure to life. Information-rich text will engage readers as sidebars and “Truth or Myth?” fact boxes provide a dynamic and unforgettable reading experience.

©  2016 ISBN: 9781499412000
Written by Rachel Stuckey

Women in the West

Most stories of the Wild West detail the successes and adventures of men, but this book gives a fresh woman’s perspective on life in the Wild West. Readers will love learning about the challenges and triumphs of these strong frontier women, from Annie Oakley to Calamity Jane. The book sheds light on women’s occupations, which included teachers, ranchers, gold miners, and even outlaws. Vivid visuals make the era come alive as engaging text helps readers gain an understanding of women’s roles. “Truth or Myth?” fact boxes give readers the real scoop on life for women in the West, while sidebars provide further opportunities to better explore the topic.

©  2016 ISBN: 9781499412048
Written by Rachel Stuckey

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