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Lace up your skates and get ready to hit the ice! Hockey Source in an exciting new series about one of the world’s most popular sports. Series features include skill development for players on and off the ice and the story of hockey from pickup on a pond to packed arenas full of fans. Readers will also be given an accessible overview covering rules, equipment, and positions, and a close-up look at the best male and female stars of all time.


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Reading Level: Grade 3 – 4
Interest Level: Grades 3 – 6
Size: 8″× 10″ 32p
Features: Glossary, Index

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Breakaway! The History of Hockey

How and where did hockey originate? When was the game first added to the Olympics? These and many more questions are answered for hockey fans in Breakaway! The History of Hockey.

ISBN: 9780778707523
Written by Jaime Winters

Center Ice: The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in North America that professional athletes compete for. This exciting title details the history of Lord Stanley’s cup including the greatest team with the most wins, historic rivalries, and history-making moments.

ISBN: 9780778707073
Written by Jaime Winters

Hockey Superstars: Past, Present, and Future

This fact-filled book presents the best of the best in hockey’s past, present, and future. More than just racking up goals, superstars display sharp, play-making minds, as well as leadership qualities. Profiles include essential stats, an overview of each player’s skills and achievements, and quotes from the superstars themselves. Male, female, and sledge hockey superstars are also featured in this jam-packed title.

ISBN: 9780778707660
Written by Jennifer Rivkin

Up Your Game On and Off the Ice

This book puts the “fun” in fundamentals with safe, engaging, and adaptable drills that focus on building essential hockey skills. Clear photographs and easy-to-follow text describe drills to improve skating, passing, shooting, defensive skills, and more. Some exercises are designed to be done on the ice while others can be done on pavement.

ISBN: 9780778707721
Written by Rachel Stuckey

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