Sports Starters

Bobbie Kalman’s Sports Starters simplify sports for very young readers. Each book explains how a sport is played, the basic rules, and the player positions. Kids will also learn about sports leagues and superstars. Large pictures and easy-to-read text will have kids rushing to take these books off the shelves!

© Year 2010/2012
Reading Level: Grade 2 – 3
Interest Level: Grades K – 3
Size: 8 1/2″× 9 1/2″ 32p
Language: English
Select titles also available in Spanish
Features: Glossary, Further Reading, Index

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Flip it Gymnastics

Flip it Gymnastics introduces kids to the exciting and varied world of gymnastics. From floor exercises to balance beams and parallel bars, it’s all here, explained through clear text and colorful images. Kids will also meet some of the brightest stars of the world of gymnastics, past and present!

©  2010 ISBN: 9780778731443
Written by Paul Challen

Smash it Tennis

Smash it Tennis has the entire court covered for young readers! From serving, volleys, backhands, and forehands, to the strategies that make for great tennis—this book takes a comprehensive look at one of the world’s most popular sports. As well, the sometimes-complicated rules of the game are explained clearly and easily. Concise text and colorful images combine with a look at the game’s greatest players to make this book a true “smash.”

©  2010 ISBN: 9780778731450
Written by Paul Challen

Spin it Figure Skating

Spin it Figure Skating brings this action-packed sport to life! Kids will learn about the jumps, maneuvers, and techniques that are at the heart of figure skating, as well as how top skaters prepare for competition and how they are judged. Clear text and colorful images illustrate all the key aspects of this sport, combined with the brightest individual and pairs stars ever to take to the ice!

©  2010 ISBN: 9780778731467
Written by Paul Challen

Swing it Golf

Swing it Golf introduces kids to one of the world’s most popular sports through clear text and colorful images that highlight techniques, rules, and the history of the game. Concepts like par, birdie, eagle, and mulligan are explained clearly and easily, along with in-depth looks at the careers of some of the greatest men and women ever to play the game.

©  2010 ISBN: 9780778731474
Written by Paul Challen

Carve it Snowboarding

Carve it Snowboarding describes how this winter sport has become as popular as skiing. Kids will love reading about the board, the basic moves, and competitions. A special section also features the top snowboarders in the sport today.

©  2012 ISBN: 9780778731481
Written by Jaime Winters

Pump it up Cheerleading

Three cheers for this incredibly physical competitive sport that combines gymnastic moves with dance. Kids will learn about the basics of tumbling, dance, jumps, and stunting, or building formations, in Pump it up Cheerleading. This highly illustrated book also features a section on top-rated teams.

©  2012 ISBN: 9780778731498
Written by Margaret Webb

Ride it BMX

Ride it BMX introduces children to the gravity-defying sport of BMX. Simple text and awesome photos help show the two types of BMX riding: racing and freestyle. Kids will love reading about the tricks, bikes, competitions, and stars of the sport.

©  2012 ISBN: 9780778731504
Written by Rachel Stuckey

Shred it Skateboarding

Shred it Skateboarding describes how this street activity, originally called “sidewalk surfing,” has turned into today’s highly entertaining sport. Kids will love reading about basic skating tricks, the changing technology of the board, and cool skating terms. A special section also features the top skaters in the sport today.

©  2012 ISBN: 9780778731511
Written by Jaime Winters

Splash it Swimming

Splash it Swimming introduces children to the world of competitive swimming. Simple text and up-close images show young readers the four major styles of competitive swimming: freestyle swimming, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly stroke. A special section also features today’s champion swimmers.

©  2012 ISBN: 9780778731528
Written by Trudee Romanek

Stretch it Yoga

Stretch it Yoga describes how this ancient exercise for both the body and the mind has become a popular way to keep fit for people around the world. Photos demonstrate stretches, and simple text teaches children about the different styles of yoga, which poses affect which parts of the body, and the important elements of breathing and meditation.

©  2012 ISBN: 9780778731535
Written by Kyla Wilson

Splash it Swimming
“This entry in the Sports Starters series will equip newbies with the information they need to get going in the pool … The simple, direct language will resonate with elementary-age children … Action-packed illustrations show both adults and kids suited up and doing their thing. It won’t be long before aquaphile readers are snapping on their goggles and diving in.”

Booklist 09/12

Carve it Snowboarding
“Elementary students will love this book and it is likely they will love the whole set …
Highly Recommended for elementary and low level reading in middle school collections!”

Debra Gantz

Walled Lake Consolidated School District, 08/12

Pump it up Cheerleading
…“this is a simple introduction to what cheerleading is all about. Contains excellent real-life photos and a glossary.

Arlington Independent School District 01/13

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